Special notice!!!

 Rang opening update!!!

The Range Systems Company that is to install our indoor range booths, automatic target retractors and equipment is supposed to be here the last week of November to install the range equipment. (Or so they say) They keep pushing us back for installation every week. After they get finished, we will be ready to reopen the range. When I get some more definite info, I will let everyone know. 

We thank you very much for your patience during our rebuilding process.

I am giving our customers an early start for the Christmas gift season.

Beginning on Friday, November 16th through Sunday, November 25th, we will be discounting everything 10% off our already low prices. All guns, ammo, and accessories will be discounted. This additional 10% off does not apply to layaways, and guns that are already on sale. And as always, a gift certificate for a free day in our indoor range (when it reopens) will be given with each gun purchase. 

The guns that are already on sale are the American Tactical single shot shotguns that are on sale for $89, all Hi-point carbine rifles are already 10% off, and the Bersa Thunder 380 caliber handguns are already on sale for $279.


2017-09-20 17.59.14.jpg


American Tactical, 12G pump shotgun on sale for $199!!!