Personal Protection in the Home Course (Pistol only) is an 8 hour course designed for at minimum, a moderately experienced shooter.
Course outline:
Four hours class room and dry fire training conducted at the gun shop
Four hours of live fire training conducted on our indoor range, consisting of 15 live fire exercises
Each individual will fire a minimum of 100 rounds (Bring at least 150 to be sure, accuracy does count)
An individual wanting to attend must have completed an NRA or equivalent basic pistol course or, complete a Pre-Course Evaluation (conducted at our gun shop by an NRA qualified instructor). The individual must demonstrate, Three Fundamental Rules for Safe Gun Handling, Demonstrate the ability to shoot groups with the pistol from a supported position at a distance of 15 feet, Zero a pistol after a five shot group at 15 feet and, Demonstrate how to properly clean a pistol safely.